Six Interesting Fruit And Vegetable Juicer Facts

Juicing fruits and vegetables can add needed nutrients to your diet and provide an excellent boost in daily energy. Changes in diet can help us lose weight and feel better. A solid juicing program has many benefits but there are a variety of ways to add value when you juice. Here are some of the interesting facts about juicing that can help you design a program to restore or maintain your health.


#1: A Faster Juicer Isn’t Necessarily Better

A high powered fruit and vegetable juicer extracts the juice and leaves the pulp behind. However, that pulp is full of fiber that will leave you feeling full and help your digestive system work more efficiently. Many ardent juicers walk a middle ground and consume some of the pulp in their daily drink by using a less powerful machine. Both the fast and slower juicing machines deliver a high dose of healthy vitamins.

#2: Veggies With High Moisture Content Keep You Hydrated

Most experts recommend that the majority of ingredients in your juices be vegetables rather than fruits. Cucumbers and celery added to your fruit and vegetable juicer provide a natural source of water. Additionally, they are packed with healthy salts and vitamins to keep your body in balance.

#3: You Can Use Your Fruit And Vegetable Juicer To Lose Weight

Most nutritionist caution against commercially produced juices for weight loss or diabetic menus. However, when fresh fruits and vegetables are used, it’s a different story. Careful selection of ingredients can provide the nutrition that you require while satisfying your cravings for something sweet. Most dieticians recommend using fruits and vegetables from across the color spectrum for healthiest results.

#4: You Still Need Fresh Vegetables In Your Daily Diet For Fiber

Your body needs fiber to function efficiently and juicing removes the majority of that fiber from the fresh fruits and vegetables that you consume. Some people add a natural fiber supplement to their juice but most continue to consume regular amounts of whole fiber throughout the day. Select your fruits and vegetables for juicing as well as a variety of foods with high fiber content for regular mealtimes.


#5: Fresher Is Better

Commercial juices have a longer shelf life due to the preservatives that are added. Since your juices are made fresh and are chemical-free, they will not last very long after you make them. Most people consume them right away for maximum benefit and great taste. Adding a small amount of citrus to your juicing recipe will lengthen shelf life.

#6: Regular Juicing Cleanses Your Body Of Toxins

Advocates of juicing for cleansing encourage people to treat their intestinal tract as a garden rather than as a compost heap. Cleansing can remove built up toxins and ensure a healthier body. Many cultures practice regular cycles of fasting and experience enhanced levels of physical health. Be sure that the fruits and vegetables don’t have residue from either pesticides or herbicides by thoroughly washing them before use.